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Beavers and Wetland Creation

Beavers have an exceptional ability to re-create diverse wetland landscapes! That's the conclusion of a new research project led by Dr Nigel Willby of the University of Stirling.

The project, which was partly funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, measured the environmental benefits associated with a re-introduced beaver population in Tayside. The research found that beavers constructed 195 metres of dams, 500 metres of canals and an acre of ponds, surrounded by a mosaic of vegetation, which increased in complexity by 71%.

It is envisaged the findings of the research will help inform discussions about how beavers can be further integrated into the Scottish countryside.

This blog was informed by research undertaken by the University of Stirling, which was published in the Science of The Total Environment.

Image Credit: Dieter Ludwig Scharnagl

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