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Have you been advised to undertake an ecological survey by a local authority or other decision maker? Are you worried or unsure if your project could impact protected plant or animal species? Do you need advice on how best to progress your project without possible program or financial delay?

For each of our service offerings, we have provided a short narrative below to provide a flavour of our relevant experience. It goes without saying that our service offering experience exceeds the examples cited, so please get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to enquire whether our services are right for you.

Amphibian and Reptile Survey and Assessmen
Bird Hazard Assessment and Management Plan
Basic Tree Survey and Inspection
Survey and Development Licenses
Ecological Clerk of Works
Ecological Impact Assessment
Habitat and Species Management Plans
Habitat Regulations Appraisal
Invasive Species Survey and Assessment
Marine Mammal Observation
Ornithological (Bird) Surveys and Assessment
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Protected Mammals Survey and Assessment
Public Enquiry
Amphibian | Reptile Survey & Assessment


Graham has been undertaking amphibian and reptile surveys, in addition to associated reporting and assessment, for a 17-year period. He is familiar with and is licensed to undertake all recognised good-practice survey methods and has delivered a suite of surveys throughout the UK, where applicable, under licence. In addition to being well versed in survey methods, Graham has direct practical experience in designing and delivering development mitigation, in particular for great crested newt.


Basic Tree Survey & Inspection


Graham received formal training and accreditation in Basic Tree and Condition Survey in 2015 and since this date has been busy undertaking basic tree surveys for a range of clients throughout Scotland. Most recently, Graham surveyed a site in the outskirts of Edinburgh, which will be subject to a planning application for a proposed housing development in 2017.


Bird Hazard Assessment & Management Plans


Graham was responsible for the production of a Bird Hazard Assessment and Management Plan in support of a major housing development near Edinburgh, Scotland. The plan, which was written in order to satisfy local planning conditions, was submitted in support of a revised planning application.




Graham has written BREEAM assessments in support of retail, residential, health care, and other high profile developments, such as the Commonwealth Games Athlete Village Development.


Development & survey Licenses


Graham holds a current Schedule 1 Bird Licence for scarce raptors and, as a Licensed Bat Worker / Licensed Bat Consultant, also holds a Bat Roost Survey Licence from SNH. In addition, Graham has successfully undertaken and/or assisted in mitigation works under a range of domestic and protected species licences for species such a badger, bats and great crested newt.


Ecological Clerk of Works


Graham was recruited as Environmental Clerk of Works for the Southern Section of the Beauly to Denny Overhead Line project (a nationally important electrical transmission project).  As part of his role, Graham was responsible for liaising and coordinating between the construction contractor’s environmental manager, the client (SSE) and Scottish government regulators.  As part of the above role, Graham was additionally responsible for managing and coordinating a large team of environmental specialists (ecologists, ornithologists and archaeologists) to ensure compliance with planning permission conditions and project-wide environmental documentation, in addition to over-arching domestic and European legislation. Graham also acted as Ecological Clerk of Works in support of the M80 Stepps to Haggs DBFO and Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route geotechnical ground investigations.


Ecological Impact Assessment


Graham is a highly experienced, proficient ecological impact assessment practitioner. He has written, co-authored and contributed to a variety of Ecological Impact Assessments from small-scale private developments through to high profile public infrastructure projects. Examples of his work includes housing and other small-scale developments, infrastructure projects (e.g. the Forth Replacement Crossing), wind farm projects (e.g. the Proposed Creggan Wind Farm in Kintyre), mining projects (e.g. the Teghout Copper / Molybdenum Mine in Armenia) and transmission projects.


Habitat & Species Management Plans


Graham has a wealth of knowledge and proven experience in providing habitat and species management advice to clients. He additionally has experience in managing and producing stand-alone reports such as habitat and species management plans, and has managed and delivered these to meet the requirements of pertinent project and/or tasks for a range of private clients and government departments, for example, SSE and Transport Scotland.


Habitat Regulations Appraisal


As a competent and highly experienced ecologist, Graham has provided clients with astute, commercially focussed guidance with regards to the effects of development on European Protected Sites. Where effects cannot be scoped-out, Graham has led on consultation with statutory authorities, and has scoped, designed and managed required field survey effort, in addition to writing and contributing to reports to facilitate competent authority decision-making.  Graham has additional experience in defending Habitat Regulation Appraisals at public enquiry, which is outlined in more detail below.


Invasive Species Survey & Assessment


Graham has been undertaking surveys for invasive species for as long as he’s been an ecologist. The majority of his experience is focussed around three key species (giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed and Himalayan/Indian balsam), which Graham is confident in identifying throughout the year. As part of the survey work he has undertaken Graham has an in-depth understanding of legislative, policy and good practice requirements (as they relate to development) and in term of reporting is able to discuss and recommend various treatment options and strategies.


Marine Mammal Observation


Graham received formal training as a Marine Mammal Observer in June 2014. The training, which was presented by Carolyn Barton, included an introduction and background to marine mammal observation (including marine mammal identification), and was set against JNCC guidelines, which included a background on legislation, monitoring and reporting. Since completing the training, Graham is mindful of the need to keep his training up-to-date, so whenever the opportunity presents itself, he undertakes sea watches for marine mammals from the shore or participates in whale watching tours.


Ornithological Surveys & impact Assessment


Graham is a seasoned, highly experienced field ornithologist and ornithological impact assessment practitioner. He has scoped, designed, undertaken and managed a wide range of generic and species-specific ornithology surveys (including the co-ordination of ornithology teams and sub-contractors), and has authored and contributed to a wide variety of assessments in support of private developments throughout the UK. Examples of his work include housing and other small-scale development, infrastructure projects (e.g. the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route) and numerous wind farm projects (e.g. the Consented Sandy Knowe Wind Farm in Ayrshire).


Preliminary Ecological Appraisal


Since the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) published a set of guidelines outlining the requirements for Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, Graham has undertaking desk studies, field survey effort and reporting in support of a wealth of public and private developments throughout the UK.


Protected Species Surveys & Assessment


Graham has been undertaking surveys for protected species since he started his career in 1996. His survey experience is largely focussed on badger, bats, otter, red squirrel and water vole. As part of his survey experience, Graham has scoped, designed, undertaken and managed a wide range of species-specific mammal surveys (including the co-ordination of ecology teams and sub-contractors), and has authored and contributed to a wide variety of assessments in support of private developments throughout the UK. Examples of his work include housing and other small-scale development, infrastructure projects (e.g. the Renfrewshire Council’s City Deal Project) and numerous wind farms developments.


Public Enquiry


Graham ‘cut his teeth’ on the Alconbury Airfield Public Enquiry in 2000 whilst working in Milton Keynes, where he gathered ornithological baseline information and wrote reports that were crucial to the purpose of the enquiry. Between 2004 and 2009, Graham gained additional public enquiry experience by providing ecological expert witness support at two high-profile public enquiries for Transport Scotland - the M80 Stepps to Haggs DBFO and Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route. Graham additionally provided ecological support to the Forth Replacement Crossing ministerial enquiry in 2010, associated with passage of the Forth Crossing Bill through parliament. Graham’s most recent experience focussed on presenting ecological evidence in support of the Proposed Creggan Wind Farm Development in January 2016. As part of his role on this high-profile project, Graham was responsible for writing an ecological and ornithological precognition and defending a Habitat Regulation Appraisal, in addition to the production of numerous position statements, which were used by the project’s QC to promote the proposed development. 

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